Dayal Dental - Testimonial

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"My mother, Mrs. Usha Bhardwaj, aged 52 years had been suffering from ill fitting upper and lower dentures from the past couple of years.This had definitely taken a toll on her overall health. She would have difficulty chewing food and would develop sores and ulcers all over the mouth. Her diet was severely compromised and so were her confidence levels.

I was still considering visiting a new dentist when an acquaintance suggested Dr. Divya Dayal's Dental Clinic to me. This actually turned out to be boon in disguise. Not only did my mother get perfectly well fitting dentures, but she also regained her lost confidence levels. 

I would like to thank Dr. Divya for giving us such a pleasant experience. I gladly recommend Dr. Divya to all my family and friends." 

- Subhadra Bhardwaj, New Delhi