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Why Us

Dental Treatment in most of Europe and North Americas is expensive, largely not covered by insurance, and if at all is covered, insurance takes care of only the basic dental procedures. Most citizens of these regions therefore cannot afford expensive dental treatment such as implants, rehabilitation procedures and cosmetic dentistry. In other regions, such as Africa and Middle East, there is an acknowledged dearth of skilled dental practitioners and acceptable clinical facilities. This is where we, at Dr. Divya Dayal's Dental Clinic step in.

We have at our disposal top quality experienced dental specialists (orthodontists, peridontists, endodontists, prosthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, pedodontists and implantologists) for specialized dental procedures such as implants, dentures, smile makeovers etc. We offer access to state of the art dental facilities, english speaking medical staff, no waiting times, high quality level of service and at the end of it all, significant cost savings! We price competitively, yet offer the same care and treatment that would be offered at a high priced location in India.

We treat patients from various parts of the world for their dental problems. To help you plan your trip easier, we will assess your dental issue, suggest the remedial treatment, and give you an approximate treatment schedule so that you get to see Wonderful India as well. 

Dr. Divya Dayal's Dental Clinic is strategically placed in the epicentre of New Delhi, offering you easy access to the city's cultural centres, the central shopping district - Connaught Place, and the historical city of Shahjanabad (Old Delhi).